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Plan for integrated services

To be an effective organization that provides quality employment services and supports, Community Employment Providers will find it important to assess their organization baseline needs as well as current performance. As an organization you will want to develop plans and of course evaluate outcomes.

There are a number of tools that provide organizational assessment to help improve outcome achievement in job placement and retention for people with disabilities. Please find links below to assist your organization in this search.

  • BeneQual
    The Benequal Organizational Assessment is an appraisal and planning process designed to assess efficacy of services and supports delivered by benefits and work incentives assistance programs and the extent to which these programs are managed effectively. The process outlined in this online tool is based on a fidelity scale for providers of benefits and work incentives planning and assistance and drawn from management criterion and instruments developed, utilized and refined over the past decade in the United States and reflect validated, leading-edge management practices against-representing a common language for communication among projects and organizations for sharing best practices.
  • Checklist of Nonprofit Organizational Indicators
    Edited by Carter McNamara, MBA, PhD. This organizational assessment tool can be completed online for free.
  • Nonprofit Organizational Assessment Tool By Andrew Lewis, University of Wisconsin Extension
    This 9-part Nonprofit Organizational Assessment Tool can help guide a group discussion about an organization's operations. This group discussion ideally should include board members, staff, volunteers, and service recipients, but could be used as a self-assessment tool by anyone associated with a nonprofit organization.
    www.managementhelp.org/org_eval/uw_list.htm www.uwex.edu/ces/cced/nonprofits/management/assessment.cfm

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