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Sales and Related Positions

Advertising Sales Agents

Advertising Sales Agents sell or solicit advertising for newspapers, television, radio, websites, phone books, direct mail, and outdoor advertisers. Sales agents may spend a considerable amount of time out of the office obtaining new sales accounts which is an important part of an advertising sales agents' job because a large portion of revenue for media outlets comes from advertisements.

Prior to meeting with a potential client the sales agent learns about what the customer needs and gathers background information on the client's products, customers, and market.  The sales agent then meets with the potential client and discusses how a specific type of advertisement will benefit their company.  If the client wishes to continue with the meetings, the advertising sales agent will prepare and present an advertising proposal. 

After a contract has been established the advertising sales agent maintains contact between the client and the ad agency and assists in the development of artwork and radio and television samples.

Advertising sales agents maintain their clients' accounts by analyzing sales statistics, demographics, preparing reports on a client's account, scheduling appointments, monitoring their client's products, and drafting advertising contracts.

Selling advertisements can be a stressful job because income and job security are based on the advertising sales agent's ability to maintain and gain more clients.  Companies will sometimes have sales quotas and expect their agents to meet these quotas.  Due to the stress level of the job, many sales agents work long and irregular hours, although with the advent of modern technology many agents are able set their own hours and work from home or while on the road.


How to Obtain:

A high school diploma is the minimum required education for most advertising sales agent positions.

Many employers, however, seek a candidate with a bachelor's degree, especially in business or marketing.

Previous training or experience in sales is also preferable, although it is generally not required because most advertising sales agents will receive formal on-the-job training from their employer.