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Food Preparation and Serving

Combined Food Preparation and Serving Workers, Including Fast Food

Food Preparation and Serving Workers are on the front line of customer service in restaurants and casual-dining eateries.  Combined food preparation and serving workers are employed primarily by fast food restaurants. These employees interact with customers and work as part of a team, helping coworkers to improve workflow and customer service.

Food Preparation and Serving Workers greet customers, take food and drink orders, accept payment and provide change, and retrieve, fill, prepare or serve some food and beverages. They sometimes heat food items and assemble salads and sandwiches. They also answer customers' questions, explain menu items and specials, and keep tables and dining areas clean for new diners. In some instances, they are responsible for washing dishware and related items.

Work hours in restaurants and casual-dining eateries may include early mornings, late evenings, holidays, and weekends. Long hours are spent on foot while serving meals, working the register, or cleaning and clearing dishes.


How to Obtain:

A high school diploma is not required of a food preparation or serving worker; but many restaurants encourage servers to obtain one.  In addition, high school and vocational schools may offer some kitchen and cleaning courses which are helpful for this career path.  Most of the training is provided on–the–job.